Hello everybody

I’m a junior Web Designer and Front-End Developer based in Barcelona who’s going to help you give your project the look and projection it diserves. I believe in pretty designs and clean coding and in taking advantage of all the ressources the Internet has to offer to make your visitors fall in love with your brand or product.
To know more about me and my skills, please browse this portfolio website, you may also take a look at my Linkedin page and download my CV.

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My skills

With a solid background in Graphic Design and a strong and ever-growing knowledge of code, I provide modern, clean and beautiful websites that are adapted to your target.

  • html
  • css
  • jquery
  • psd
  • html

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About me

As I said, I’m a Web Designer and Front-End Developer based in Barcelona. I was born in Paris and I lived in Lyon, France, until I was 18. I then lived in Manchester, UK, Chengdu, China, and travelled to Canada, North Africa, and Eastern Europe before settling in Barcelona a few years later.
I initially studied Translation (Spanish and English) but my true passion is Web Design, that’s why I’ve been studying hard and working a lot the last few years to produce nice websites and get better.

My other passions include cinema (thriller and horror movies) and mediterranean cooking.

After working at Erika Lust’s film production studio as a Graphic Designer, I became quite the feminist which means that I peacefully support women’s rights. I am friendly and eager to know people from every corner of the world.
I only make the same mistake once and I believe in constructive criticism.

about Pauline firstclap

I am also the Co-Founder of Firstclap, a music website that allows users to discover new artists and bands to take advantage of a new way to make money and spread their music without going through the conventional intermediaries.

The aim is to make the music industry go forward and to provide everybody with a new way of listening to music.
Firstclap is totally free and the company doesn’t receive any money from the artists’ benefits.
Firstclap also includes a Crowdfunding platform so that bands can make their projects come true thanks to their fans. It’s a new and closer connection between fans and musicians.

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Get in touch

Do you have a question? Do you need to hire a creative Web Designer? Do you just want to say hello? Don’t hesitate to get in touch via my contact details or the form below.

You can write at hireme@paulinebernier.com or call me: +34 622479738

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